Thesis Show | 2018

Show Information

As part of the 10th annual undergraduate research symposium at Loyola Marymount University, I was chosen along with 8 fellow graphic designers to present my thesis installation at Genesis: Graphic Design Senior Exhibition 2018. I was chosen to speak on my work during the closing reception held in the Thomas P. Kelly Student Art Galley in Los Angeles. 

During the exhibition, I asked viewers to interact with my work by writing down their own "key to success" on a key tag, and attach it to a key on the wall. I received roughly 130 responses to the question "What is your key to success?" I have included a summary of the responses here

Artist Statement

Without the proper keys to success, anyone can fail. Youth are no exception. Many young people find themselves racially divided, culturally disregarded, and without dependable support systems. While failure is often tolerated–even accepted–during one's critical development years, the juvenile incarceration system is paticularly rigid, leaving youth without room for error. How might we begin to view these people as bent, not broken? How might we restore hope? Child Lock invites viewers to reflect on their own successes, as well as the keys that got them there.  


300 keys + key tags where viewers were asked to identity their keys to success.

2 hand-cut and painted paper birds.

3 black bird cages. 

free prayer cards with a prayer said regularly with the youth at Central Juvenile Hall in Downtown Los Angeles.


Ann Shoen AD