A Bigger Love | 2018

Show Information

In partnership with Exhale Unlimited gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, young artists created works that humanized disabilities and/or disorders in a beautiful or empathetic way. 30% of profits from the exhibit were donated to Tim Tebow's Foundation's 'The Night To Shine', which hosts multiple "proms" all around the world to include all those with disabilities/special needs. The original print of this image was sold during the exhibit.

Artist Statement

This piece, Dignity is a humanizing visualization of bipolar disorder. A combination of the expressions on the faces as well as the use of color express the internal and external manic that accompanies this disorder. The faces overlap one another and the lack of distinction between one face and another mimics the lack of distinction many people face between their disorder and how they define themselves. Having witnessed the effects of this disorder in close friends, I would like viewers to be challenged to consider how persons with a disorder are experiencing, rather than, being defined by its effects. 




24x24' digital print

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