Branding | 2019


Muebles y Más (Furniture and More) is a furniture store that was originally designed to offset operational costs for the Working Boys Center in Quito, Ecuador. Today, Muebles y Más produces high quality wooden furniture that is primarily produced for private clients in the greater Quito area. 


While Muebles y Más produces high quality wooden goods, their branding was non-existent apart from a variety of inconsistent storefront signage. My objective was to redesign the Muebles y Más logo in a way that would reflect the quality of work being produced, and the professionalism with which they serve their clients. A challenge that Muebles y Más faced is that many consumers were under the false impression that they used child labor to produce the wooden goods since the store is directly related to the "Working Boys Center" which is untrue. The employees of the store are professional craftsmen and women who follow all contemporary standards in producing quality products and services. 


I drew on the style of the furniture being built at Muebles y Más which tends to follow cleanliness and functionality. The result is a logo to be used in storefront signage, catalogue design, and product branding moving forward. 

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