Book | 2018


Design a collaborative 56 page plus cover 6x9" book. The team was made up of a group of 9 designers under the name Agency 396. The primary objective of the book is to showcase each designers talents, personal style, collaborative ability, and passion.


A one of a kind design book titled UNSAID with spreads illustrating words the designers wish they had said (cover titled UN), and the other half showcasing spreads that illustrate the words they regret saying (cover titled SAID).  The book is structured as a flip book which means that you can begin to read it from either cover and they meet in the middle. That is to say, there is no "back" cover. Acknowledgements, colophon, and artists biographies are in the middle of the book. 

My spread for the words I wish I had said are "I need help". This spread draws on experiences in my life where I have taken on more than I could handle and didn't reach out for the support I needed because of a "do it myself" mindset.

My spread for the words I regret saying are "I'm just not good enough". This spread draws on times in my life where I have minimized myself to being incapable, or incompetent–both regressive thought patterns I later corrected.